Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Saturday, 9 July 2011

All systems go!

Dear Loved Ones,

In an effort to keep in touch with everyone, we thought we would start a blog.  In this way, we can tell you all our stories, and keep you up to date. 

As you might recall, we left Australia on 30 June.  We were lucky enough to to fly business class Sydney - LA! WOW! That was an experience.  We were wined and dined, watched a bunch of movies, played games, and were able to lay our seats right down into a bed.  Thank goodness!

It was a 13 hour flight. While we left Australia at 2pm we actually arrived in LA at 10am on the same day!  As well as gaining a day, we were able to avoid getting any serious jet lag, as we slept on the flight over, by exploring Venice Beach and Santa Monica. 

The beaches don't really compare to home.  They are very wide, with sand like you would buy when you were cementing - rough - with people EVERYWHERE, and the "super cool" wading out into the waves to catch that perfect (1-2 foot) break.  They however did have a great boardwalk to walk from one pier to the next, and the side show freak show alley to wonder through to watch the local entertainers attempt to con the tourists out of their cash. 

We did this walk a couple of times (and Penni managed to get her self some impressive blisters as a result) and it was really lovely.  As we were there for the 4 July Long weekend, we really got to see how people live and celebrate - the same as us at home: friends, family, BBQs and beer :-)

We went into Hollywood one afternoon to see the sight and delights of the rich and famous.  LA generally is a grubby city, and despite it apparently being a very affluent city, there were a lot of buildings is disrepair, with graffiti and general grim almost everywhere.  We walked along the Hollywood walk of fame, seeing some of our favourite stars, but very many more that we hadn't even heard of.  

As we had to catch a bus back to Santa Monica, we didn't get to look at any of the museums, or inside any of the famous theaters, but we did manage to have afternoon tea at Hooters. 

On 5 July we flew into Denver.  It was beautiful to watch the mountains as we flew in.  While it might be 90 in the city (around 32C) there is still snow on the mountains.  The grass is green and lush, and the city looked like a giant lego land from the sky.  In the afternoons and early evenings we get spectacular thunder and lighting shows - and while this did result in a Tornado warning in our first few days of arriving - it is spectacular to watch.   

We have been very lucky, with all the Aussie families already here providing us with help.  They did some grocery shopping for us before we arrived, have come with us to look for houses, and we have already had a couple of BBQs.  They are a lovely bunch of people and  I am sure that they will all become great friends. 

Now were are on the hunt for a new home and two new cars! 

Let the real adventure begin! 

As you all know, you can reach us on facebook and Skype - but feel free to comment on here too.

We will try and keep you all updated each week.

Miss you all very much

Love Tristan and Penni

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