Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Our little stowaway

Dear All,

As you should all be aware by now, Tristan and I had a little stowaway with us when we left Australia a few months a go - we were in the very early stages of our first pregnancy. 

This made our departure from close friends and family interesting....

While it was lovely to be able to tell so many of our loved ones to their faces that there were expecting their first great grandchild, grandchild, niece/nephew, there were many more people who we weren't able to tell as it was so early.  This was made even more interesting when, in our excitement, we would blab to a room full of people, and then had to remember which if our friends knew and didn't know.  However, I am quietly confident that of those people who came to our farewell party in Canberra, no one left with our some firm suspicions.

While the theory of having an Aussie made baby made complete sense to me when we left, it has curbed some of the fun that  I could be having in my first few months in a foreign land.  Morning sickness has made mornings unbearable and a required bedtime of 9pm.  Poor Tristan had to make the most of the first few weeks together to get our house and cars set, as I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. All my welcome drinks have all been virgin and I've been a picky eater to say the least (God bless breakfast cereals !!!). Most of this has passed now, though I still need a strict bedtime - I feel like I'm 10 again!!

Luckily, we have had plenty of support of this side of the Pacific to help me through those tougher days while Tristan is away. 

Doctors tell us that little RJ (Rueben Jnr) is growing well and has an enormous head - I wonder who he gets that off! He has a strong heart beat, and spends plenty of time playing acrobatics on the ultrasounds.

In a couple of months we'll find out if it is a he or she so I can occupy myself decorating the nursery.  As a part of our furniture package we were given some beautiful white baby furniture. However, the white room, with white blinds and white furniture needs some colour!!

It will be fun to catch up with Tristan in a few weeks so he can see my ever growing belly! 

We'll keep you in the loop as both RJ and I grow bigger. 

soon to be proud parents 
Tristan and Penni 

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