Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting back into the swing of things

Now that Tristan is back, life is slowly swinging into a pace of normality... kind of....

After Tristan got home we HAD to go buy new kitchenware. Apparently we needed grown up cups and plates so we could have people over for dinner.  And of course he needed a new coffee machine so he can avoid drinking that dirty water the locals call brew at least once a day. There were several things that I NEEDED too: maternity jeans, clothes for baby, and chocolate... there seems an imbalance somewhere.... must be pregnancy hormones...

There is still plenty of things to be done in the house.  One of these days we may sort out the study so it resembles somewhere that you could spend time without being buried under a mountain of paper.  The basement is still pretty bare.  I imagine that will be corrected in time. And of course, we still need to put some sort of window covering in the bathroom down stairs so you can spend some alone time without the fear that someone is looking (it's 3 metres off the ground, and at a different height to the neighbours windows, but still...)

A daily routine is slowly beginning to emerge which includes me getting up at 8 so I can make water aerobics at 9, Tristan going for a run about the same time, him disappearing to work for a few hours while I bake bread and attempt to think of something exotic for dinner, I then watch way too much bad tv while I continue my sewing.  At 7 we eat, and due to RJ exhausting me I go to bed around 9.  All in all, I think people forgot to mention that domestic bliss often equals monotony.

Last week, we had the joy of seeing little RJ on the big screen.  While he still hasn't moved enough for us to feel it, on the ultrasound he was wiggling all around, full of energy and spirit.  Hopefully that means he is getting it out of his system early so he will sleep through the night from day one.  Wishful thinking perhaps...

There is another pregnant lady from the UK who I have met, and she has been helping me find all the little bits and pieces necessary to complete our preparations for RJ's arrival next year.  He finally has a few clothes to wear, but as February is one of the colder months in Colorado, we need some extra heavy duty winter gear.  Lucky for me the clothing store that was pointed out had lots of Disney one-piece near snow suits for brand new out of the oven baby Apperley's. It seems that poor RJ will be showered in Disney themed gear from his Mum, planes, trains and cars from his Dad, and fishing gear from his grandfather.  All in all, I think it is safe to say he will be spoiled with love.

We are told that the beautiful weather will soon turn cold, so we are enjoying as much time in the great outdoors before the snow flies.  This weekend we adventured into the mountains to go leaf chasing.  We went on a lovely 2 hour drive on some back roads in the middle of woop woop to see the colours of autumn.  However, I think we picked the wrong road for that occasion and all we found was a lovely steam, trickling its way beside the road.  There were so many men in their waders, with their fly fishing gear, trying to catch that elusive trout that is trying to make it up river to spawn.  All I could think was how great it would be to sit on the bank with a good book and watch time dribble away to the music of the river over the rocks.

At the end of our drive, we decided to detour as drive up Pikes Peak.  While this was the second time RJ and I had made the adventure up the mountain, it was the first time Tristan had driven up, and the first time we had all made it to the top.  On the mountain we got to see the colours of the season - it was beautiful! Sigh! And the top! Wow! As we drove up, a huge Hercules was trying to fly up over the mountain at the same time. I'm not sure it made it over - I think he had to go around.... It was one of the many times that we wished we could take a photo from a memory as we just couldn't get to the camera in time.

On the top of the mountain, it was a bit cooler, but we were still in t-shirts and shorts.  And then it started to snow! Tristan was like a kid a Christmas! It was so special to be standing on the top of a mountain with our growing little family together.  I think it is going to be a very special festive season this year!

As we settle in, we are definitely missing you all from home.  There are so many special moments that we wish we could share with you more intimately, but alas, all we have is this blog.  We hope that you are all well.

Lots of love

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