Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ho Ho Ho and a Happy New Year

Dear Zac,

Christmas 2012 was very special for our family – it was your first Christmas home from hospital, and the second for our family in the US. 
We all awoke on a snowy day, at the very reasonable hour of 8am, with smiles on our faces – although you knew not why.  We went down stairs and while you were curious about the big tree in the lounge room, it was more because of the sparkling baubles than because of the gifts.  We ate some breakfast and opened gifts at homes – Mama opened your gifts that year.  You seemed a little disinterested in the whole processes, but you watched attentively playing briefly with your new toys before setting them aside.

Later in the day we went to Aunty Beck’s house for Christmas dinner – there were lots of Aussies there. And there was lots of food! We found a spot and ate all the spoils with laughter and happiness.  You received another truck load of toys (all noisy) from the Mckees, and you seemed much more interested in those toys!! After food, Daddy had to work, so we spent some more time playing with our surrogate family in America. But as you got sleepy, we decided to go home and watch cartoon in front of the fire place.
That night, all tucked up in Mama and Daddy’s bed, we all fell asleep with the safe knowledge of many more family Christmas’, but only one more white one.

The next day Jolly arrived with Nini – and I’m not sure who was more excited, you or Jolly.  I think Jolly spent the next week sitting on the floor playing with you.  It was very difficult to pull the two of you apart.  As such, we didn’t do too much out of the ordinary, it was just business as usual, with extra (extra extra) Jolly play time. The love between you two was so obvious! It filled the room as you walked in, and stayed with you all day.  It was the most heart filling feeling you can imagine.
We did pry you apart one day. All the grown-ups went up to the mountains for some skiing lessons.  It was very entertaining to see us all dressed up in our snow gear, looking more like pork roasts than sexy ski bunnies. Daddy went off and played with his mates while Jolly, Nini and I fell down a lot and tried really hard to roll down the hill gracefully – we all failed miserably, though your Jolly failed the least. One of your Dad's mates hurt himself on the mountain so we called it an early day. Turns out he broke his collar bone in several places...snow boarding is not a safe sport!

We left you with Jolly alone one night so your Daddy and I could go to an NFL game. I hear you didn’t care in the slightest that we had gone.  Daddy and I rugged up tight as it was FREEZING outside.  It was -2 when we got to the stadium and started to drop rapidly.  We had seats high up in the grandstand so we had a great view when the F5s from Daddy’s base did a low fly over.  It felt like if you would have put your arms up you would have been able to touch them.  I can’t tell you much about the game – I was too cold.  I stopped watching the temperature once it hit -12… I can tell you that NFL is not as animated and entertaining as the baseball (although I have the same amount of attention for both).  But it was an experience that we wont forget!
The next day Jolly and Nini had to go home, and it was New Years Eve. As you were so little, and Daddy had to work, we did absolutely nothing to celebrate the incoming year.  And I mean nothing!  We were all tucked up in bed and asleep by 10pm. We did wake up briefly at midnight to some fireworks in the neighbourhood, but it held such little interest that we were all back asleep before they had stopped. 

And that my small boy, was how you spent your first Christmas and New Year home for the holidays.
We love you so much

Mama and Daddy

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