Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mexico - the best EVER

Dear Nanna,

You remember that Facebook message I sent you in Feburary? Where I said I was running away to Mexico, and never coming home – well this is why…
After 2 long flights via Dallas we arrived at our resort in Cozumel, Mexico, at sunset.  I remember driving to the hotel from the airport and seeing this enormous tiki hut looking building in the distance and thinking: “That is amazing! What a resort that must be!”  And guess what! It was where we were staying! Tristan picked this amazing (all you can eat/all you can drink) resort where the tiki hut was the reception area.  On arrival we were met by porters who took our baggage away, and a waiter asking for our drink order. Walking to the other side of Tiki hut, it was elevated to look down on a rainforest in the middle of the hotel.  It was beautiful and you felt your worries melt away in moments. 
Our room was on the 3rd floor and our balcony looked right out into the trees.  While we waited for our baggage to arrive, we quickly ran down to the beach to have a look while there was still a little light.  We had to navigate through the paths in the rainforest, past the pool, go through a tunnel (that actually went under the main road above) and we were stopped dead in our tracks – the water was just there.  There was this tiny man-made beach with six little sunbeds and the water lapping gently against the sand.  Up a few stairs to the left was an infinity pool that looked like it disappeared into the bluest ocean – and of course it had a swim up bar.  To the right of the beach, also up a few stairs was another beach with a volley ball court, buffet, and another pool with another swim up bar, and a spa.  Yep! Awesome!
We went back to our room, roughly unpacked and went to dinner at one of the three restaurants at the resort. Most nights and all breakfasts we ate at the large buffet restaurant.  Each day had a different theme and completely different food.  And there was so much of it!! After eating more than was really good for us, we called it an early night. It had been a long day.
The next day we were woken with birdsong – magical! After a generous breakfast we hired a car and set out on our first adventure.  First we drove to Chankanaab National (Marine) Park for a bit of snorkelling. Walking in the gate we were met by a native character, all dressed in blue paint, feathered wings, and bells on his wrists and ankles (and was so good looking that I actually think I drooled).  After a few photos we walked past a huge dolphin pool area to the beach and snorkelling area.  We set ourselves up and Tristan was gone.  Zac and I sat and played on the golden sand, watching the dolphins play in the tropical blue water.  After about 30 minutes we played tag and Tristan and the baby played while I got wet.  I walked along the boardwalk and down some stairs to get in.  I was immediately met by dozens of tiny colourful fish who I think expected me to feed them…nope…I swam out a little way in search or some of the submerged treasures.  I found a Madonna, a holy cross and many fish and coral.  It was so lovely. So peaceful and beautiful. Tristan hadn’t found the treasures yet so when I told him about them he disappeared quickly to find them – he found more than me, but I didn’t care as Zac and I dried on the beach while eating calamari and chips.
As we wanted to explore more of the island we left not long after, (disappointed!) driving around to the light house on the southern point of the island, and then to another secluded beach where we go to lay in hammocks on the golden sands while Tristan we back out in the waves.  Just watching the wave wash up against the shore, while zac played in the sand and made friends with some of the other tourists, was so therapeutic – I don’t think I could have found anything wrong with the world if I tried!  When Tristan washed back to shore we ate some local cuisine (so fresh and yummy) and drove around to a local tequila factory.  There we met with a funny older man that had so many stories to tell, and all of them made you cry with laughter.  We learnt all about how REAL tequila was distilled, that it came from the blue Agave plant and that tequila with a worm in it was an inferior product! The real tequila was very tasty and came in a range of flavours that I very much enjoyed.  We wasted enough time at the distillery that it was time to drive back to the resort for tea once we were done.  Another night of yummy food!!
They next day we just lazed by the pool all morning! My idea of a holiday!! Feet up, book in hand, and the boys splashing in the water – could there be a better way to spend your time!! Lovely!! That afternoon we left Zac with a baby sitter so Tristan and I could spend some quality time together.  We took a nearby snorkel safari with this guy who could free dive to over 20 metres! Crazy! The water was so clear and there were fish of all sizes, a turtle or two, conch fish, coral – it was amazing.  Not as colourful as Vanuatu, but it had that feel to it. After a post snorkel lay by the pool, we got ready for our first dinner without the baby in memory.  We ate a the fancy (no children allowed) Italian restaurant at the resort.  The food was GOOD! And the company was even better.  We watched the beginning of the show and then headed back to our room to see the small boy that we had missed so much! Another very good day!
The following morning, after another big breakfast, we walked into town.  Our resort was right on the edge, so it was a bit of a hike in high humidity and heat. Not the most pleasant experience – so we stopped at the first stop – Margaritaville! I LOVE that place.  We ate huge nachos, used the internet in for the first time in days, drank fish bowl size dinks and watched all the people play in the outdoor swim play area, complete with giant water trampolines, snorkel area, and other float toys – it looked like so much fun – but we forgot to take our cozzies!! After a couple of hours we dragged ourselves away and went and investigated some of the other tourist traps/shops.  Cozumel is a VERY popular cruise stop so there are lots of shops to accommodate the hordes of tourists.  We got a bunch of items that we didn’t really need – and caught a taxi back to the resort for some more pool time – AHHHH - and dinner at the resort's Mexican restaurant. Yummy!!
The next morning we got up SO early to catch a ferry to the mainland to go see some Aztec ruins.  They were amazing! Considering the huge amount of tourists at the site, the ruins were well maintained – you could even see where an inhabitant from the past had painted a hand print on the side of a building – but he had six fingers as a result of rampant inbreeding! Wacko!! The honey bee was a God like figure that featured on many buildings and the language of the Aztecs was full of onomatopoeic features – pretty cool! We drove past a couple of other tourist sites that looked like so much fun to swim and play at, but it had already been a big day for Zac, so we caught an early ferry back to the resort – and your guessed it – more pool time.
Now to you understand why I want to run away to Cozumel! Not only was it warm and tropical and so relaxing, but we got to spend some lovely family time together without the hub bub of our other get aways.  I loved it!!
After 5 days in the sunny tropics, it was time to go back to snowy Denver  – I was devastated.  Our flight home was via Dallas again, and as we caught the train around to our homeward flight we caught sight of the flying kangaroo, which just bought on a wave of homesickness!
Back in Denver I started to pester Tristan immediately for us to take another holiday back to Mexico before we went back to Oz.  After that holiday it became my #1 must do again trip – it was amazing!! The best way/place  to break up a snowy, cold winter! Best holiday EVER!!!
I love you – but I’m running away to Cozumel every winter forever
Your missing granddaughter

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